We will think


We will draw your attention to the important details, through a

first-hand experience, this is what real expat support is!

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You are not alone!

DLE will be assisting you at every step of your journey. I believe not only providing services to the need areas but especially thinking a few steps ahead on behalf of you and drawing your attention to the important details, through a first hand experience, is what real expat support is! 


Just give me a call or fill the contact form on my web site.

Do you need my help to decide where to live and what kind of house you want or you can afford? 


Would you want to know if there are enough afterschool activities for your child in the town you want to live in even before you come to the Netherlands?


Do you have a child with special needs and do you want to know if you will be able to find right professionals for him/her and start receiving help immediately right after your move?


​I can help you to understand the Dutch education system briefly and make contacts on behalf of you to the relevant specialists and school principals way before you come to the Netherlands!

Have you already moved?

In the Netherlands, as soon as you move, one of the things you are obliged to do is making a health insurance. That’s mostly taken care of the expat’s company. But then, you are left alone in a sea of other insurances to choose like “rechtsbijstandverzekering” or “aansprakelijkheidsverzekering” which covers a possible damage your child might cause on a play date.


When you want to buy a house, there are also many details in a mortgage application and new terms and concepts as well, as “starters-lening”, “erfpacht”.


One of the crucial rules that you should never skip or be late to do is registering your new address to the municipality when you move to another house. Or if you have someone else living in your house registered, then that person becomes a “toeslagpartner” in your financial.


I can inform you about all these very important detailed rules and regulations and either help you follow through them step by step or have you contact with the right experts.  


The first half hour consultation is free of charge. For prices of services contact​ us and we will send you the price list.

Breath coaching has a different pricing scheme