Dutch Life Expats can be in your assistance in searching, planning, organizing:


·             house search

·             water, gas, internet connection

·             school search for children and teenagers

·             children with special needs

·             language course search

·             daily life customs

·             bringing pets

·             the IND, townhall and health center registration

·             bank account, investments, money transfer

·             reinforcement of  mother tongue for young kids

              ·    bilingualism 

              ·    interculturalism           

·             ov-chip card

·             offering useful links to plan to entertain your family and                friends visiting you from your homeland

·             and many more


Receiving well-planned and well-executed expat services from Dutch Life Expats saves time and energy for both the expats and the international companies by being a specific address, a platform for certain aspects of the recruitment process. 


The essence of this improvement is focusing especially to the spouse/partner & the children of the expatriate to have a smoother transition and better adaptation to the new life.